Canoe Building

Canoe and Boat Building for Amateurs.
Stephens. New York.

Canoe and Boat Building for Amateurs

Canvas Canoes, How to Build Them. Field. New York.

Canvas Canoes...

Practical Boat Building for Amateurs. Kemp. London.

Practical Boat Building for Amateurs

Canvas Canoes

Yachts, Boats and Canoes. Stansfeld-Hicks. New York.

Articles in Scientific American, Outing, Forest and Stream, London Field, St. Nicholas.

Canoe Management

Practical Canoeing. Tiphys. London.

Practical Canoeing

Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing.
Kemp. London.

Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing

The Canoe and the Flying Proa.
Alden. New York.

The Canoe and the Flying Proa

Practical Boat Sailing. Frazer. Boston.

Boat Sailors' Manual. Qualtrough. New York.

Boat Sailors' Manual

Hints on Boat Sailing and Racing. Fitzgerald. New York.

Articles in Forest and Stream, Canoeist.

Canoe Cruises

A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe.
MacGregor. Boston.

A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy

The Rob Roy on the Jordan.
MacGregor. New York.

Rob Roy on the Jordan

The Rob Roy on the Baltic.
MacGregor. New York. Google version.

Rob Roy on the Baltic

An Inland Voyage.
Stevenson. New York.

An Inland Voyage

Canoeing in Kanukia. Habberton and Norton. New York.

Canoeing in Kanukia

Voyage of the Paper Canoe.
Bishop. Boston.

Paper Canoe

Camping and Cruising in Florida. Henshall. New York.

Camping and Cruising in Florida

Cruise of the Aurora.
Neidé. New York.

Cruise of the Aurora

Canoe and Camera.
Steele. New York.

Canoe and Camera

Four Months in a Sneak Box.
Bishop. New York.

Four Months in a Sneak Box

Cruises in Small Yachts and Big Canoes.
Speed. New York.

Articles in Harper's Monthly, The Century, Outing, Forest and Stream,Canoeist and many of the weekly and daily papers.

Of Use to Canoeists

Kedge Anchor; The Young Sailor's Assistant. Brady. N.Y.

Kedge Anchor

Small Yachts. C.P. Kunhardt. New York.

Book of Knots. Tom Bowline.

Sails and Sailmaking. Kipping. New York.

Sailors' Language. Russell. New York.

Sailors' Language

Woodcraft. Nessmuk. New York.


Camp Life in the Woods. Gibson. New York.

Camp Life in the Woods

Canoe and Camp Cookery. Seneca. New York.

Canoe and Camp Cookery

Camp Cookery. Miss Parloa. New York.

The Uncivilized Races of Men. Wood. Hartford. Gives descriptions of canoes used by savages in all parts of the world.

The Uncivilized Races of Men

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