Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles
in the Sailing Canoe "Yakaboo"




This is probably the all-time greatest sailing-canoe cruising story; Bishop's Paper Canoe is close but he did little or no sailing. Neidé's The Canoe Aurora is nearly as good but only concerns river travel and a little coasting. See links in the Appendix.

This ebook is based on the 1917 edition with the last edition (1959) as a check. It includes all photos from all editions, as far as I can determine. If Fenger's magazine accounts turn up and include significantly different text and/or photos, they will be added to the Appendix. It would be interesting to know if there are even more of Fenger's photographs held somewhere. Does anyone know? His snapshot, made at sea, of a Carib canoe under sail rivals a Turner painting as far as I'm concerned. His other canoe shot, showing a gommier under oars, is one of the best photos of this ancient canoe type you will find.

Links to other bits and pieces of the Fenger legacy have been included in the Appendix, below. It is easy to become mesmerized by Yakaboo herself, truly a beautiful small boat.

As far as the text itself, Anglicisms in spelling have been removed, because I despise them, and in some cases hyphenation has been changed to conform a little more with modern ideas, but otherwise I've tried to preserve Fenger's spelling; the original contains a lot of italicized words which don't translate to HTML very nicely so they have been left as plain text.




Appendix: More About Yakaboo and the Caribbean